Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Flash Fiction

Been having major writers block lately, so the flash fiction hasn’t been exactly flowing. To combat this, I’m doing some SUPER flash fiction. 100 words. That’s all. I based this FF on an image I found on Pinterest.

As part of the exercise, I’m making myself highlight what exactly inspires me about the image. This way I can access my creativity more easily in the future, and without the help of Pinterest (teehee).
So. I love that there’s a zombie. I love the way the zombie looks – like the boogieman!!! And I love that the image appears to be set in the past. This, to me, is the real allure. I love the idea of writing zombies in the past – like colonial America or something. Or London back in the days. I DON’T much like the expression on the chick’s face (she looks like she has a thyroid problem), but I do like the guy. It could be her uncle or something cool. And that’s about it. Here’s the fiction:

* * *

My breath shuddered to a halt in my throat like an old car without any gas. Slime coated the street below my boots; the creatures’ secretions. Jonas looked over at me, his head pressed up against the blackened brick wall, chest heaving. He was thinking the same thing as me: One of them had died here.

Moonlight glanced off his shotgun as he silently checked the bullets.
I heard it coming closer, smelled its rank festering flesh in a gust of dead wind. Beside me, Jonas sucked in a breath and I squeezed my eyes closed, trying not to think about the fact that it might be his last.

“Another will die here,” he whispered.

The gun went off.


  1. Hey good flash fic, u should really do more of the hexxer flash fic I love that one!

  2. Beautiful! It amazed me how good that story was with so few words.


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