Sunday, July 29, 2012

Blood Crave Trailer

With only 15 days until Blood Crave’s release, I am getting super excited/nervous/sick/happy/jittery as is usual for a release. At least for me. I tend to obsess over all those little things one cannot control. Like whether people will like it. And if the critics will like it. And if I’ll get one or three or (please, God) five stars on Goodreads.

When you pour so much of yourself into something, it’s pretty natural, I think, to want everyone to love it. Obviously, this will never happen. If there are people out there hating on Harry Potter, then I KNOW there’ll be people hating on what I do. Like I said: can’t control it.  So I try not to worry over it. I can only focus on those people who DO like the book and have PARTY TIME with them in these coming weeks before the release.

To all of you amazing people who love the Blood on the Moon series, I have a special present for you! A teaser trailer for Blood Crave to get you excited about the release. I beg thee to share it, comment on it, tweet it, do whatever you will with it! Have fun! Watch it a million times like I did, because it’s utterly beautiful!

I want to also say a special SPECIAL thank you to my sister, Brittany Knight, who created this trailer from start to finish without ANY help whatsoever. She is a genius, and I am just thrilled that she is my cherished one! ;)

15 days, people! 15 days!


  1. AWESOME!!!! Can't wait!!!!!

  2. I am so excited! Blood on the Moon was great and I can't wait to continue the story!

  3. Blood crave was a great book! Is there another book?!?

  4. Love the Blood Crave Trailer! I love using book trailer with my reviews :) Also grabbed Blood Crave countdown! Blood on the Moon is an AWESOME series!Thank you! :)

  5. i love blood on the moon hope you make more of it mrs.knight

  6. Ohhh I am sooo hooked. I can't wait to read what happens to Faith and Lucas now. Please say that you are going to keep the story going !
    I loved reading about Vamps and Were's and it wasn't all sex and sex and more sex oh and gore. LOL
    Many thanks, and can't wait for book 3.
    Karen , in MS USA

  7. What book is after Blood Crave?I really hope theres another, i have'nt read Blood Crave as yet but am looking forward on reading it on the 24 May 2013 Please let me know asap

  8. Is there a movie to Blood on the Mooon and Blood Crave?If not PLEASE consider it, it would make the best movie ever

  9. I loved both Blood on the moon and Blood Crave!!! There has to be a 3rd book! I am totally hooked!


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