Sunday, July 29, 2012

Blood Crave Trailer

With only 15 days until Blood Crave’s release, I am getting super excited/nervous/sick/happy/jittery as is usual for a release. At least for me. I tend to obsess over all those little things one cannot control. Like whether people will like it. And if the critics will like it. And if I’ll get one or three or (please, God) five stars on Goodreads.

When you pour so much of yourself into something, it’s pretty natural, I think, to want everyone to love it. Obviously, this will never happen. If there are people out there hating on Harry Potter, then I KNOW there’ll be people hating on what I do. Like I said: can’t control it.  So I try not to worry over it. I can only focus on those people who DO like the book and have PARTY TIME with them in these coming weeks before the release.

To all of you amazing people who love the Blood on the Moon series, I have a special present for you! A teaser trailer for Blood Crave to get you excited about the release. I beg thee to share it, comment on it, tweet it, do whatever you will with it! Have fun! Watch it a million times like I did, because it’s utterly beautiful!

I want to also say a special SPECIAL thank you to my sister, Brittany Knight, who created this trailer from start to finish without ANY help whatsoever. She is a genius, and I am just thrilled that she is my cherished one! ;)

15 days, people! 15 days!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Book Recommendation

A question I get asked a lot is: Can you recommend any amazingtasticle books to me?

Sure, maybe some people don’t use amazingtasticle, but you get the point. I usually recommend whatever I’ve read last (unless I didn’t like it) but I thought I’d do a public You Need to Read This Immediately Review (YNTRTI).

What I’ll do is list the books I’ve read recently (in no particular order) and then tell you which, of all of them, I recommend you rush online (or to Barns & Noble) to purchase as soon as humanly possible and stay up half the night reading until you finish. If I list it here, it means I liked it. But it’s not YNTRTI.

My picks:

White Cat, HollyBlack**(Also Red Glove and Black Heart)

Delirium, LaurenOliver (Also Pandemonium)

And the winner is . . . Delirium! Both books, actually. YNTRTI!!!!!

In case you live under a rock and haven’t heard of Delirium, it’s a dystopian novel about a world where love is a disease. Awesome concept. People are “cured” of love at eighteen. But our heroine, Lena, meets a dude (SWOON!!) and comes to question everything about her safe loveless society.

Now, I have a confession to make. I didn’t want to like this book. I wanted, strangely, to hate it. I can’t say why, but I had a bad attitude going in. Man, did Oliver win me over. I found myself unable to stop reading this book I wanted to hate. It was flawlessly written (SO BEAUTIFUL) and the plot was well-conceived; the world-building thorough and endlessly creative; the characters real and intriguing. I just loved every aspect of it.

And then. AND THEN! Pandemonium. Just . . . just . . . SO GOOD. YNTRTI, I mean it!!! I’m pumped beyond words for the third book, and I have to wait until February.

So, if you’re looking for a book to read until BLOOD CRAVE comes out, Delirium is it. 24 DAYS!
**Also. Note that I linked the authors' websites. That is because you totally need to go check them out. We authors spend a lot of time and energy making these things look nice for you, so go do them a solid and poke around. (Not that, you know, John Freaking Green needs me to promote his website for him, but hey. Can't hurt, right?)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Blood Crave Release Date

Being the author of a book means I'm usually the last to know about publishing details. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but I seldom know when cool things (like cover releases, blog tours, etc.) are going to occur. Thus it is that I JUST NOW found out the release date of BLOOD CRAVE.


To celebrate, I've made this wonderful little widget.



My amazing agency sisters told me how to make one. I heart them so.

Everyone have fun spreading the widget around on their blogs ans stuff. Do whatever it is you do with widgets!
So get ready, readers! BLOOD CRAVE is coming in 33 days! August 14th, you can't come soon enough.
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