Saturday, June 23, 2012

Music Makes the Book

I write to music. Ninety percent of the time, I have to have some music going on in the background in order to get a good flow going. I don’t know why, but it helps me write. Maybe it’s because I was a musician for most of my life (I played the flute! I was a total band nerd.) and so my brain just craves music when it’s being creative. I don’t know. But when I write to music, it’s not just any old song. For instance, I like “I’m Sexy and I Know it” as much as anyone, but when I’m writing a love scene, it’s just doesn’t set the right mood if you know what I’m saying.
The music has to match the tone of what I’m writing. If it’s an action scene I put on something heavy metal or fast (Anberlin and Paramore are my personal favs). If it’s a peaceful scene some Jack Johnson does the trick. Something sad? I go with Coldplay. Actually, Coldplay is my go-to band when I write. Beautiful. Peaceful. Unobtrusive. They’re perfect for background music (and foreground music, they’re AWESEOME).
Recently, a reader sent me an email. The simplest email I’ve ever received. Straight. To the point.  No fancy flattery or introductions. Just: “Hey Jen you should totally make a playlist for blood on the moon.”
And yes. Yes I should. In fact, I have! I just never shared it with anyone. As I said, the music gets my writerly juices flowing and I often make VERY long playlists for my books so that I don’t have to constantly change/choose songs. Since BOTM’s playlist is practically endless, I’ll just choose my favorites.
(Also, I’ve been reading that I’m not allowed to link the actual song on here, so I’ll just post the names and if you’re interested, you can listen to them on iTunes or something. Sorry! Music industry is LAME).
The beginning of the book was written to the tune of Mumford & Sons. Faith’s entry into college starts out pretty creepily what with the camping trip into the woods and Lucas being a weirdo, so Mumford & Son’s worked for me. Plus Lucas is Scottish, so the whole Celtic thing M &S has going on really called to me. Some favs:
The Cave
Thistle and Weeds (Really liked this one for the camping scene with the kissing.)
Awake my Soul
Towards the middle when things get steamy between Faith and Lucas, I went for some Joshua Radin. During the more quiet, intimate scenes, this guy got the job done.
Any given kissing/love scene was written to these babies:
Lovely Tonight
Star Mile
Paperweight (On repeat throughout the entire scene where Faith and Lucas are in his bedroom in Gould)
Now, the Derek love scenes were a little different. More of a dark, sad theme, since their relationship was so tortured. Snow Patrol and Fink were some good bands. During the scene where she and Derek are hiding from Vincent in the dilapidated cabin, I had Snow Patrol on repeat:
The Golden Floor
Set the Fire to the Third Bar
And lastly, the action scenes. The ones where Lucas is attacking crap and Vincent is trying to eat people, you know. The fun scenes. I usually went for Paramore, but sometimes it was Anberlin or Nickleback, sometimes Shinedown. Any scene with Lucas being Lucas was written to Shinedown’s, The Crow & the Butterfly.
For the action scenes, I liked Paramore’s whole first album. Just put it on repeat. I also liked Anberlin’s . . .
Dismantle. Repair.
A Whisper and a Clamor
And while we’re talking about Anberlin, can I just say how totally underrated they are???? They are probably the ONLY band (other than maybe Coldplay) that I can literally listen to the entire album without skipping a single song. And I almost never hear them on the radio. It's completely unfair. They are amazing. The Haunting? My favorite song. Like, ever. It’s also another of my favorites for writing love scenes. I wrote a lot of the BLOOD CRAVE love scenes to The Haunting. And Breathe. And An Unwinding Cable Car. OMG An Unwinding Cable Car is so wonderful. Seriously, everyone go download all their albums and enjoy. Every one of them is utter perfection.
So that’s about it. I hope everyone has fun matching the music to the scenes. I always like when authors post their playlists because then I get to do a little scavenger hunt through their book, re-reading scenes as I listen to the songs on iTunes. So have fun!

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