Friday, May 25, 2012

Blood Crave Cover Reveal

YES! It's finally time to reveal the goregous cover of BLOOD CRAVE!

I am so incredibly thrilled with the work the design team did at Running Press. They always astound me, but I am especially excited about this cover. Faith looks so self-assured and, well -- I'll just say it -- she looks like a badass! Faith is such a strong, passionate character, and this image matches the picture of her I have in my head perfectly. I am assuming that is Lucas looming behind her, looking oh so sexy and grumpy (as is his custom).


And, even more exciting, is that the reveal of the cover means the actual release is getting closer! All of the burning questions I left you hanging with (I know, I'm ever so cruel) will be answered. No definite release date to be revealed yet, but SOON!

In the meantime, I leave you to coverlust over BLOOD CRAVE!


  1. Totally lovin the cover! Amazing!

  2. Gorgeous!She looked really young on the Blood Moon cover but LOVE her look now. Great job!

  3. Omg so when is the other book comin cuss i wanna knw wat faith becomes


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