Friday, March 2, 2012

Dream Journal Experiment

I’ve heard that if you write your dreams down every morning when you wake up, that you’ll start to have stranger, more vivid dreams. I’ve never actually done this, but something about it calls to me. Lately I’ve been having some abnormally realistic dreams, but when I wake up in the morning, I can’t remember most of them. I just have this empty feeling that I had an awesome dream with none of the details.
It’s like when I get a story flash in the shower. I start imagining dialogue, setting, characters, plot, and I run out of the shower, dripping, to scrawl down my great ideas. But when I get everything written, I still have this feeling that I’m missing something crucial. It’s frustrating as anything. I usually end up sitting there for a good then minutes, staring at the ceiling as I mentally shake my pockets inside-out.
So to me, this dream exercise is connected. In the shower, my mind is blank – on autopilot – as I wash up. At night, it’s the same, only better. It’s not just on autopilot, there is no pilot at all. My brain is free to go off on whatever wild, ridiculous, awesome tangents it wants. And I love it. I only wish I could actually remember some of it!
Therefore, I’m going to try this experiment. I’m going to write down my dreams every morning – if I have a dream – and see what my subconscious is doing at night when I’m not looking. I have a feeling it’s a genius and it’s just not telling me. We shall see . . .
And maybe you will, too. If I get a good/really creepy/really weird story idea, I’ll share it! Feel free to share yours, too in the comments.  If you’re anywhere near as crazy as me, it’ll be a fun feed.

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  1. While I'm not sure that it's entirely true that by writing your dreams down you'll have even more vivid and weirder dreams, I am a huge proponent of journalling them. What I think happens is not that they get weirder, but that they've been weird all along and as you get better at recalling the detail it just seems as if they've gotten more bizarre.

    For a long time, I wrote mine down and then I sort of got away from it for awhile. I'm back at it, and it feels right or rather, more me.

    Here's what helps me: even if I only have one little wisp of the dream left, I sit down to write it. Just the act of giving the dream the floor seems to help it all come flooding back. There have been so many times I've typed, "I wish I could remember more, but here are some tidbits..." and then have been shocked at the renewed recall.

    A couple of years ago, I started putting them in a blog for myself so that I could label them and try to get more of a grip in interpreting the repetitive themes. After a bit of a hiatus, I just started back a couple of weeks ago. I'm lovin' it. You are welcome to check it out. It's packed with crazy dreams.

    Good luck with your project. I highly recommend it!


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